Welcome to the first instalment of  Socially Sublime!

As I work in social media in my day job, I’ve been set numerous tasks where I’ve had to hunt down the best uses of social media by different companies and individuals in the past.

As we all know by now, social media is a vital tool for all businesses nowadays, and this is also true in the motorsport realm – especially when you consider the number of different championships that still live in Formula One’s shadow.

GT racing in particular is a sport which could seriously benefit from the use and constant utilisation of the likes of Facebook and Twitter. With the number of people who’re absolutely transfixed by their phone and computer screens now, championships, drivers and teams need to be thrusting their proverbial package right under the public’s nose.

In order to help advertise and also offer support for these championships, drivers and teams (across all forms of motorsport), in Socially Sublime I’ll be picking out the finest uses of social media in each week and rounding them up into a top 5.

As ever, if you spot anything that you think looks funny or is a clever use of social media, let me know and we can potentially slap it into one of these articles!

Now then, one with the first round-up! I’m allowing myself a wide spread on this one one, so to include Le Mans and a cool picture.


With the return of the VLN this weekend and having won the 24 Hours of Nürburgring, the guys in the Mercedes-AMG office have clearly been in a good mood, lately!


You’ll have to click on this one to get it, but it’s both informative and has a humorous aspect to it. Renault have built themselves something of a reputation on social media as the jokers of the F1 paddock. Essentially, they’ve inherited the awesomeness provided by Lotus prior to the expulsion of their racing team. Whilst not perhaps the most popular F1 team in the world, they’ve found an identity in the social realm and that’s vital.


Le Mans this year was packed full of drama all the way through the grid. Cars came in and out of the pits with a variety of problems – some serious, some not so. Whilst I predicted that Toyota would surely suffer a blow at some point, I didn’t expect it to happen so late on and for it to cost them the race on the final lap of the race.

TV images switched between scenes of jubilation in the Porsche garage as the #2 streamed past the stranded Toyota on the finish straight and inherited not just the race lead, but also the win. The atmosphere of the Toyota garage was in complete contrast to that of their German race rivals. Tears, faces riddled with shock, upset, tiredness and abjection.

Following the race, Porsche tweeted this. A touch of class in a moment of glory for them. The true spirit of racing.


We all love a heartwarming one and this is another ‘spirit of racing’ example. Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich – Head of Motorsport at Audi – took time out at Le Mans to wish Fred Sausset luck ahead of his final stint.

For those who don’t know, Fred’s car is specially amended to suit his requirements as a quadruple amputee. For a man to complete the 24 Hours of Le Mans, at still a respectable pace, despite this setback in life is truly inspirational and this image also shows Audi in a positive light. I’m normally fairly unemotional, but found this absolutely brilliant!


Whether you like rallying or not, Volkswagen are fantastic with their social media. It’s worth trawling through the archives on their Facebook and Twitter. They’re pretty much the Renault of the rallying world and then some. Sillier and a lot funnier. Sure to bring a smile to your face with their wacky promo ideas.

Their fan interaction is awesome too.

I reckon it'd be the coolest ice cream van ever!
I reckon it’d be the coolest ice cream van ever!

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